As a mother, I felt horrible for not being able to provide a Christmas for my daughter.

Give the Gift of Christmas

Josh Coad

Two years ago, single mother Sherri Longino told her 10-year-old daughter, Mackenzie, they would not be having a traditional Christmas. After three months in the hospital, Sherri had given birth to her son, Connor, on November 30. Out of work and out of money, she broke the news to Mackenzie. Sheri says, “I told her this wouldn’t be a big Christmas but that God had already given us the best Christmas present—a new baby boy.” Mackenzie happily agreed. She had always wanted a baby brother!

Still, Sherri was discouraged. “As a mother, I felt horrible for not being able to provide a Christmas for my daughter,” she says. That’s when Gateway contacted Sherri and informed her the Single Parent Families Ministry would be providing gift cards for her family.

A hallmark of the holidays at Gateway, this gift card outreach provides Christmas gifts for single parent families in the church who can’t afford them. Gateway members donate November through December, enabling the Single Parent Families Ministry to provide gift cards to single parents so they can go shopping for their children.

Sherri was able to buy clothes, diapers and toys for Connor. For Mackenzie, she picked up new clothes, toys and a camera she had been wanting. “I cannot express the impact this had on our family. My heart was overwhelmed with joy. It was the best Christmas we’ve ever had!”

Want to donate to this year’s outreach? It’s easy! Here’s how:

1. Give an offering designated to Single Parent Families or donate gift cards to Walmart, Target or any other major retail stores (gift cards can be placed in a clearly marked envelope). For checks, write “Single Parents – Christmas 2013” in the memo line. Place in one of the offering containers located in the back of the Auditorium.

2. Through the Gateway Church eGiving page, select “Fund – Other” and then “Sub Fund – Single Parents – Christmas 2013.”

For more information, contact Brittany Crenshaw at 817.552.3752 or email